The Science Behind Nutrition with Matty Lansdown!

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Matty Lansdown Shares How to Optimize Health Holistically

We’re In Control with the Help of Epigenetics


Matty Lansdown Notable Quotes

“Humans are predominantly controlled by the environments in which they put themselves in, and their inner environments as well—the thoughts they think, the food put in their body, and that information then engages and interact with the DNA to produce the expression. And the expression is different for everyone.”
Matty Lansdown

“We want to help inspire people to take control of their life, take control of their health, and really let them know that they’re in the driver’s seat because the social narrative that’s being pumped into them through TV shows, the news, through the media, through universities, is that you are just a victim to your genetics…when the truth is, you’re totally in control.”
Matty Lansdown


Episode Summary

            When we’re optimizing our health, it’s not just looking at one thing, like our diet, tweaking it, and expecting everything to snowball into optimum health from there. That’s not how we’re supposed to approach optimizing health—we’ll need a holistic approach from our interactions with food to the thoughts that we have. And that’s not at all woo-woo.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to scientist and nutritional consultant Matty Lansdown to shed some light on how we can optimize our health by taking a non-judgmental, holistic approach.


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How Not to Get Sick and Die


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori’s new 6-week program (01:37)
  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Matty Lansdown (02:42)
  • Matty Lansdown and his journey into health advocacies (04:24)
    • The confusion after going into cancer research (06:08)
  • Control over gene expression with epigenetics (08:55)
  • The thoughts you think impact your overall health (13:08)
  • Why separating the mind from the body isn’t optimizing health (13:44)
  • The role of obesity in not getting sick and dying (14:35)
    • You’re in the driver’s seat, you’re in control (16:10)
  • The Agouti mouse study (17:15)
  • Is there an obesity gene in everybody? (18:08)
  • The detrimental thing that gets handed down isn’t DNA—it’s lifestyle (18:48)
  • The first 3 steps Matty Lansdown suggests to take towards health (20:18)
    • Learn to understand yourself (20:52)
    • Experiment with alternatives in a safe, non-judgmental way (22:30)
    • Assess what you’re putting into your body (26:02)
  • Avoiding what is detrimental to the health (28:03)
  • Bumping up insulin every time we eat (30:58)
  • Foods that we should eat to optimize our health (32:33)
    • Programming your gut microbes (33:18)
  • Having your dinner for breakfast (36:12)
  • Matty Lansdown’s opinion on the keto diet (37:06)
  • Matty Lansdown’s take on intermittent fasting (41:28)
  • Where to find and keep up with Matty Lansdown (47:13)


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