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Emotional Awareness: the First Step to Rebuilding Our Relationship with Food

How Do We Stop Being Our Own Obstacles?


Paul Salter Notable Quotes

“It was when I started working one-on-one with people as a nutrition coach, as a dietitian, that I really started to fall back onto that knowledge of the role, you know, someone’s emotional awareness and management played in shaping their eating behaviors—how someone’s self-talk and belief systems really shaped how they chose to eat, how they chose to exercise, and how they chose to take care of themselves.”
                                                      – Paul Salter

“What really happens is we get in our own way. We are our biggest obstacle. And that truly is rooted in our relationship with food and in our relationship with ourselves. I’m a really big believer that if we can really fall in love with ourselves again and begin to care for ourselves, our brain is hardwired to put opportunities in front of us to make us feel even better when we consciously choose to feel good, which ultimately helps the eating behaviors and the exercise habits that we so desperately try to cultivate.”
Paul Salter


Episode Summary

Most people who start a diet to lose weight gain that weight back within three years, and only 5% keep the weight off. The sad reality is that the diet industry—one of the highest grossing industries—is designed to make dieting unsustainable so that we keep coming back…which is why they call it “yo-yo dieting.”

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to dietitian, health coach, podcast host, and author Paul Salter to talk about how the key to maintaining that weight loss is a sustainable diet and lifestyle change.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Paul Salter (00:53)
  • Paul Salter’s health journey and working with athletes (02:33)
    • Paul’s first exposure to how emotions affected eating behaviors (05:15)
  • Why isn’t weight loss sustainable? (07:36)
    • We’re the ones getting in our own way (09:14)
  • The first step to start feeling better (10:34)
    • Stage one: rebuild foundational eating habits (11:28)
  • It’s all about a lack of care for the self (12:27)
  • Fitting a short-term goal with longevity and sustainability (14:07)
  • Becoming our own investigators to look, feel, and be our best (15:50)
  • Why are Paul’s clients mostly women? (17:45)
  • The next steps to take to lose weight sustainably (19:55)
    • The male population tends to be hesitant about asking for help (21:58)
  • The common mistakes clients make when it comes to weight loss (23:55)
  • Are there foods that we shouldn’t be eating? (26:03)
  • How can we stop the habit of snacking? (28:03)
  • Exercise and other aspects involved in weight loss (30:20)
  • How to reach and keep up with what Paul Salter is doing (32:32)


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