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Melissa Eboli Notable Quotes

“I want to help people. I want people to live a healthy lifestyle, so they know how to eat clean and healthy and try to avoid disease.” – Melissa Eboli


Episode Summary

            Food is at the center of a healthy lifestyle—especially if you’re on the road to losing weight. And how else can you fully customize your meals to what your body needs than preparing your own food at home? In this episode, we’re talking to Nutritional Chef Melissa Eboli to give us a few helpful tips on how to choose healthier food and how to make cooking at home easier.


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Via’s Kitchen by Chef Via Melissa – Website | Facebook | Instagram


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar releases his e-book cookbook: The Art of Sugar-Free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living (02:10)
  • Melissa Eboli’s journey to becoming a nutritional and wellness chef (04:20)
  • How Melissa recreates food into healthier, more nutritionally sound meals (08:03)
    • Making chicken cutlets healthier (08:22)
  • Taking time into consideration when cooking meals (09:28)
  • Common foods that people think are healthy but are actually not (12:00)
  • The hardest part about Melissa’s transition to gluten- and dairy-free (15:06)
  • Making cooking easier by preparing the environment (17:20)
  • What a well-stocked, healthy pantry looks like (18:12)
    • Frozen produce are more nutritious than fresh produce (19:58)
  • Helpful cooking utensils and equipment for your kitchen (20:42)
  • Melissa’s take on sugar substitutes (23:08)
  • The impact of food on mental health (25:08)
  • Melissa’s protocol to designing a weight loss meal plan (26:52)
  • Attachment to clean eating (29:15)
  • Melissa’s healthier substitutes for common ingredients (30:30)
  • What a day in Melissa’s life looks like (33:30)
  • Where to get in touch with Melissa (39:03)

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The Art of Sugar-free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living by Omar Cumberbatch

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