Stop Putting Sleep in the Back Burner!

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Better Overall Health with Better Sleep

Take Caffeine, Alcohol, and Naps Responsibly!


Notable Quotes

“It’s really starting by prioritizing sleep, setting up your day and your night for better sleep. And once people make that mindset shift to say, okay, sleep time is going to be protected, it’s my sacred time, I’m going to prioritize that, it actually ends up making the biggest difference.”

                                                – Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell


Episode Summary

When we’re optimizing our health, we oftentimes focus our attention to nutrition and exercise…just­ nutrition and exercise. While it’s important to watch what we eat and build muscle, many of us take sleep for granted and what it does to boost the benefits of both nutrition and exercise.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to Sleep Specialist and the Founder of The Solution is Sleep, Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell to shed some light on the effects of the quality and quantity of sleep on our bodies and our weight loss goals, as well as how we can start improving how we sleep and how much we sleep each night.


Relevant Links

Dr. Angela Holliday-BellWebsite | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

Sleeping On The Job: Proven Strategies To Optimize Your Workplace Performance And Personal Wellbeing Through Better Sleep (2023) by Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell (03:09)
  • Angela Holliday-Bell: who she is and what she does (04:18)
  • Why is the importance of sleep so overlooked? (05:41)
  • The first thing people should do to get more better sleep (07:32)
  • How bad quality sleep affects our bodies and our weight (09:11)
    • How sleep and sleep quality affects brain health (10:58)
  • “5 more minutes…” What happens when we hit the snooze button (11:34)
  • What qualifies good quality sleep? (12:36)
  • How different types of light affect sleep and sleep quality (14:04)
    • When to start limiting light exposure prior to sleeping (15:41)
  • Diet and exercise and sleep quality (17:45)
  • Angela Holliday-Bell’s thoughts on catching up on sleep in the weekend (18:53)
  • How age impacts sleep and sleeping patterns (20:06)
  • How alcohol and coffee affect our sleep (23:35)
    • Caffeine and alcohol in fast metabolizers (26:01)
  • Nap responsibly! (27:53)
  • Do people who fall asleep easily during the day actually sleep deprived? (28:57)
  • Where to find and keep up with Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell’s work (30:03)


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