Yoga: Going Beyond the Body

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Who We Are is How We Serve

Cultivate Your Own Consciousness


Notable Quotes

“Who you are, in its highest form, fully expressed in its most authentic truth, is how you serve.
Kim Tang

“Self-cultivation is not selfish. Self-cultivation leads to service, and you can only give what you have. And so, if you want to give more, you need to allow more for yourself and your life.  ”
Kim Tang

“The consciousness with which you conduct your practice is the consciousness with which you conduct your life…so you learn it on the mat to use it in your life.”
Kim Tang

“So what I believe is that when desire and belief are a match, the universe grants all requests. And when desire, belief, and action are a match, I am undeniable.”
– Kim Tang


Episode Summary

When most people hear yoga, they think about stretching, holding positions, maybe even breathing. But in truth, yoga actually goes beyond the positions and deep into the mind and spirit—a modality in which the body is a learning device for the mind.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to internationally recognized Yoga Master and Head Coach of the International Yoga Sports Federation Kim Tang to break down what yoga is, what it does, and how we can leverage it to better understand ourselves so that we may better serve our clients.


Relevant Links

            Kim Tang Yoga – Website | Facebook | Instagram


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Kim Tang (01:41)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Building Podcast Course! (04:03)
  • Kim Tang: who she is and what she does (04:31)
    • Who we are is how we serve (06:15)
    • Learn on the mat what we can apply in life (09:48)
    • Four pillar foundations of a practice (12:11)
  • The turning point for Kim Tang: cultivating your own consciousness (17:40)
  • Where to begin cultivating our own consciousness (24:07)
    • The point where self-cultivation became service (26:31)
  • Kim Tang, the ability to run a business, and how yoga fits into it (32:44)
  • Where to start to overcome limiting beliefs (37:05)
  • Where to keep abreast of Kim Tang and her work (41:31)


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