What Ghostwriting Really Is

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Leveraging Ghostwriting as a Tool to Elevate You and Your Business

What to Look Out for When Publishing Your Own Book


Notable Quotes

“I’m a writer, and I write between 2000 and 8000 words a day, so I love writing, and I can get [the book] done really quickly. But a lot of my clients, that is not their expertise, and that’s why they’re hiring me to get their book done in a certain time frame that is professional and grammatically correct, organized well, and in their voice and style.”
Lynn Smargis

“Out of all the people that want to write a book, 85% never even start, so you having a published book really puts you on the cream of the crop because it distinguishes you from everybody else because you’re at that 2% of people who actually have a published book.”
Lynn Smargis

“There’s no worse book to read than a book that has been thrown together with no focus, and it’s all over the place…it’s horrible, and you don’t want to spend all that time and effort to put out a book like that either because that’s going to just ruin your reputation or make you look bad at a minimum, right?”
Lynn Smargis


Episode Summary

Having a published book under your belt will set you apart from other professionals in your industry, no doubt about that. But having a published book means you’re going to have to write it at some point. What about for those of us who don’t have writing as our strongest suit? Simple! The solution…is to hire someone to write it for us.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Owner and Founder of Write For You, Lynn Smargis to shed some light on using ghost writing as a service. Lynn shares her knowledge on the process of writing a book, as well as some tidbits to watch out for when publishing your own book.


Relevant Links

            Lynn SmargisEmail | Phone: 435 659 6587

Write For YouWebsite | YouTube | Instagram

Your Writing Coach Podcast

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lynn Smargis (02:32)
  • Lynn Smargis and her company, Write For You (04:18)
  • Ghost writing and the stigma around it (06:06)
  • Ghost writing and hiring someone to write for you is the same thing (07:19)
  • Turning existing content and turning it into a book (09:24)
  • Different forms of media to take book content from (14:13)
  • Taking existing content to turn into a book vs. starting from scratch (15:23)
  • If the content doesn’t fit the book, don’t force it! (16:47)
  • Stand out and do the market research before writing the book (18:12)
  • Which route to go: self-publishing or traditional publishing? (19:40)
    • Pay attention to the contract rights to your audio book (20:53)
  • Some publishing tidbits to watch out for: ISBNs, second editions, and selling to bookstores (21:39)
  • The deal with Amazon and Kindle (25:57)
  • Write For You and Lynn Smargis’ services (26:50)


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