Fascia & Its Role Beyond Connective Tissue

This Podcast Burns Fat, Anna Rahe


Fascia, Movement, and Animation

Keeping Fascia Healthy is the Key to Optimal Health


Anna Rahe Notable Quotes

“If you get your fascia in peak optimized condition, almost every other system functions better. I would say, not almost—every single function.”
Anna Rahe

Your motion can literally support and or supplant all of your therapies if you do it rightand that’s what fascia wants. Fascia wants you to use your motion to manipulate its consistency to be able to create healthy environment inside of your body.
Anna Rahe


Episode Summary

Years ago, fascia was something scientists and doctors dismissed as connective tissue that simply served to keep things in place. But in recent years, scientists are beginning to gain a better understanding of fascia and its role in the upkeep of the body.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the Founder and CEO of GST Body Anna Rahe to shed light on all things fascia—what it is, what it does, and why it’s crucial to pay attention and take care of it so it can keep all our body systems healthy.


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Anna RaheWebsite | Instagram

GST Body by Anna RaheWebsite | Instagram


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Anna Rahe (02:02)
  • What is fascia and what role does it play in our bodies? (03:11)
    • “Fascia” as a generic term for connective tissue (04:00)
  • What we know about fascia today (06:37)
  • How fascia affects metabolic health (10:22)
    • Metabolic activity: going beyond burning calories (14:19)
    • The ability of fascia to move and animate (17:19)
  • Creating healthy fascia to create optimal health (22:15)
    • What fascia hates (22:27)
    • What fascia loves (23:25)
    • Adding micromovements throughout the day (26:23)
  • Proper nutrition to benefit the fascia (28:30)
    • It’s better to eat your water (29:39)
  • Anna Rahe’s thoughts on vibration plates and fascia (33:29)
  • Keep your fascia healthy, keep all your body systems healthy (35:25)
  • Where to find Anna Rahe and keep up with her work (37:54)


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