The Vital Guide to Health Coaching Men!

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Health Coaches Michael DeSanti and Pablo Garcia Share How They Encourage Men to Prioritize Their Health

The Vital Guide: A Successful Collaborative Health Coaching Practice


Notable Quotes

“Any advice for other coaches who are collaborating: know where you begin and end, know your lane. And be honest about it. If you’re looking to grow a blind spot, be honest about it. If something isn’t your thing, be honest about it, too.”
Michael DeSanti

“Know that there are some things you’re not going to be awesome at, and it’s okay. If you can hire it out, do so, because it’ll just take that big weight off your plate, and you can move things forward in the areas you’re strongest at.”
Pablo Garcia

“What kills dreams isn’t failure. What kills dreams are four words: what would people think?”
Michael DeSanti

“Don’t let your success be defined by what you see out there. It’s not linear for everybody. It’s not going to happen at the same rate of time as like it does for some other people. Just keep at it, and eventually, you’ll get there.”
Pablo Garcia


Episode Summary

One thing that many of us health coaches have noticed in this space is that majority of health coaches and clients are women. I went into health coaching thinking I’ll be coaching men into getting their health back on track, but at the time, it didn’t seem like there are as many health-conscious men out there as there are women.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to The Vital Guides, Michael DeSanti and Pablo Garcia to share their messaging around encouraging men to care for their health as well as to share a little bit about their successful health coaching business.


Relevant Links

Michael DeSanti – Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Pablo Garcia – LinkedIn | Instagram

The Vital Guide – Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Michael DeSanti and Pablo Garcia (01:25)
  • Michael DeSanti and why he got into health coaching (04:10)
  • Pablo Garcia and the how and why he got into health coaching (07:48)
  • How Michael and Pablo met and how they started The Vital Guide (10:40)
  • Why Michael and Pablo thought getting into the business of health coaching men would work (12:18)
  • What Michael and Pablo brought to the table to get the health coaching for men kicked off (15:58)
  • Being honest about strengths and weaknesses is what works (20:28)
  • Leading from both ends and leveraging their own strengths (21:52)
  • Outsourcing for work neither of them like doing (24:10)
  • The secret behind the very effective messaging in the copy (24:48)
  • The most important thing to get better at or outsource for to kick the business off the ground (28:35)
  • The three prospects in your health coaching career (30:45)
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs (32:13)
    • Michael DeSanti’s fear of hearing “no” and the shift in his relationship with “no” (33:06)
    • Moving beyond the places where you’re stuck (36:27)
    • What kills dreams isn’t failure (39:24)
  • How can we get more men to care about their health? (40:26)
  • Where to find and get in contact with Michael DeSanti and Pablo Garcia (43:35)
  • Parting advice from Pablo Garcia for health coaches (44:17)
  • Michael and Pablo’s Vital Guide Costa Rica Retreat (46:10)


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