You Have What You Need: Leveraging Your Existing Connections to Find Your Dream Client

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Tried and True Business Strategies That Work Across All Markets

Double Down on What Makes You Unique & Stand Out


Tiago Faria Notable Quotes

“You already have everything you need in your world, you just need to tweak things about the way you present your offer, the way you target your specific segment of people, and then simply use your current assets to easily extract your dream client using what you’ve got.”
Tiago Faria

“I think it’s crucial to get out of our heads because many times, our own opinion or vision of the world doesn’t exactly match what most people feel as an urgent problem.”
Tiago Faria


Episode Summary

While there are a multitude of business strategies that work differently for specific industries, there are also tried and true core principles of business strategies that solidly translate from market to market, and from industry to industry. Today, we’ll be doubling down on those core principles.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Tiago Faria, a consultant who helps coaches, mentors, consultants, and health professionals to find their dream clients using their existing resources. A former Google employee specializing in Google Ads, he’s built up a knowledge bank of timeless marketing strategies that work across different industries.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Tiago Faria (01:32)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Building Podcast Course! (03:29)
  • Check out the Health Coach Academy Podcast on YouTube & YouTube Music! (03:42)
  • Tiago Faria: who he is, what he does, and his origin story (05:50)
  • Using your existing assets to attract your dream client (09:45)
  • The importance of getting outside our heads and seeing the world through our potential clients’ point of view (14:23)
  • Business strategies that translate from market to market (16:10)
    • The power of following up and being present (18:11)
  • Is health coaching an emerging market? (20:08)
  • Tiago Faria’s advice to a health coach to stand out in a crowded market (21:21)
  • Utilizing social media to reach our audience (23:52)
  • Leveraging Google to reach our target audience (26:35)
  • Tiago Faria’s opinion on using AI to create content (30:31)
  • Where to find Tiago Faria and keep up with his work (33:00)


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