Top Tips for Scaling Your Business with Carolin Soldo!

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Highly Successful Business Owner Carolin Soldo Shares How We Can Scale Up!

Practical Tips on How to Grow Your Health Coaching Business


Carolin Soldo Notable Quotes

“Health coaches these days have to be super niched. Super. Niched. And they also have to be really focusing on solving a real problem and not leading with a solution.”
Carolin Soldo

“Just take [health coaching] seriously, run it like a business. It’s not a race, take your time, get professional help, invest in it—it’s a business after all. There’s no business that runs for free, so be smart and focus on the foundations of what a business needs to have instead of any quick fix, and you’ll be successful.”
Carolin Soldo


Episode Summary

As health coaches, many of us would want nothing more than to see success in our business so we can scale up and help more people and build bigger revenue. But when we’re fresh out of school and just starting out, the path to get there can seem a little bit daunting.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to an invaluable health coaching and business resource—Carolin Soldo. Carolin began her entrepreneurial journey as a health coach before transitioning into business coaching and subsequently building two multi-million-dollar businesses. She shares practical, doable advice on how we can find success in our businesses and scale it up.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Carolin Soldo (01:20)
  • Carolin Soldo and her business journey (03:08)
  • Moving into the US from Germany and living in the moment (05:22)
  • Carolin’s health coaching business and her decision to become a full-time business owner (08:33)
  • Transitioning out of the health coaching space (13:35)
  • What Carolin Soldo would have done differently as a health coach (15:18)
    • Professionalism from day one: no to homemade social media or websites (18:58)
  • Carolin Soldo: you can’t be too niched (20:58)
  • Other revenue opportunities for health coaches (21:34)
    • Leveraging an evergreen set-up (23:53)
    • Creating health-based memberships (25:00)
  • Success in affiliate marketing (26:26)
  • Other outlets to promote your courses (outside of Facebook) (28:25)
    • YouTube brings in a lot of leads (29:35)
    • Cost of production is not that expensive (31:32)
  • Don’t get misled with the next shiny object (34:27)
  • Parting advice for the health coach who’s on the fence (37:35)
  • Where to find Carolin Soldo and keep up with her work (39:08)


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