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Health Coaching: From Conquering the Journey to Guiding Others

Emotional Eating Coach Jessica Procini Shares Her Business Journey


Jessica Procini Notable Quotes

“Discomfort is where real learning begins. As business owners, especially in today’s day and age, we have to be willing to get uncomfortable. We have to be willing to trust ourselves. We have to be willing to use our own voices, to speak up, to stick our necks out, to be different. To lead, ultimately.”
Jessica Procini

“It’s through taking action in your business that you will learn and build confidence and be able to continue in your business.
                                                – Jessica Procini

“I often see this vision of the world of what it looks like if we’re not held back by our own insecurities, by our own self-sabotage, and by our relationship with food. And it’s amazing what we would be able to create as a society, as a whole, if we’re not getting in our own way.”
Jessica Procini


Episode Summary

Many health coaches stepped into the health and wellness space because we overcame or wanted to overcome an obstacle in our own health. Afterwards, there’s sometimes a calling to share that journey and help others on the same journey to save them from all the pain and frustration that we had to go through.

And it’s the same with today’s guest, Jessica Procini. Jessica Procini is an emotional eating coach as well as the founder of Escape from Emotional Eating, and today, she’ll share her journey—from her struggles with her own health, to how she established her own business and how she made it a thriving one.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Jessica Procini (01:05)
  • Check out Omar’s e-cookbook, The Art of Sugar-free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living (01:58)
  • Jessica Procini, emotional eating, and her journey into health coaching (03:00)
  • Jessica Procini’s first clients (11:42)
  • The constant chase for information (13:55)
  • Take action in your business (17:52)
  • Jessica Procini and business: the things she had to learn (18:11)
    • A mentor who supports and helps you (19:20)
    • Jessica’s mentor (21:15)
  • Jessica’s health coach role models (23:22)
  • Having an idea of who and what to emulate (24:22)
  • Creating the support that Jessica Procini needed (25:15)
  • Jessica’s most effective method to get her message across (27:55)
    • Find a way to market yourself that doesn’t feel like marketing (31:41)
  • Jessica Procini’s parting message to health coaches on the fence about their business (32:53)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Jessica is doing (35:35)


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