Money Mindset & Removing Money Blocks

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Making External & Physical Changes Starts From Within

We are Being Commanded to Evolve


Dr. Alison Kay Notable Quotes

“In understanding that we are influenced, indeed, by what’s happening vibrationally around us, we are being commanded to evolve. We are being commanded to recognize our power to choose…in that we make the choices we do based on the point of view we hold.”
Dr. Alison Kay

“Eighty-five percent of our daily choices are made from our subconscious and unconscious level, which means 85% of the choices we each are making daily are from thoughts we don’t hear.”
                                                – Dr. Alison Kay


Episode Summary

Many health coaches who plan on starting their own practices but are not naturally entrepreneurial may have a hard time setting fair prices for themselves and accepting compensation for the work they do—I know I did. So, how do we get around it? By changing our mindset toward money, that’s how.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to best-selling author and energy medicine expert Dr. Alison Kay to walk us through how to get around removing our money blocks to be able to better receive all the great things in store for us.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Alison Kay (01:54)
  • Check Out: How to Create a Business-Boosting Podcast For Health Coaches by Omar Cumberbatch (02:40)
  • The nature of the times we’re in and humanity’s greatest evolutionary leap (03:53)
    • The end of an era and walking into a new age (09:44)
    • A conspiracy behind the planetary alignments (11:27)
    • Chakras are power centers where the mind, body, and spirit intersect (13:22)
    • We are being commanded to evolve (15:19)
  • We put too much pressure on ourselves (16:55)
    • A programmed desire to prove ourselves (19:47)
  • Getting our money mindset in order before we begin an entrepreneurial journey (22:29)
    • Making physical and external changes comes from making internal shifts (25:11)
  • Unpacking the thoughts that we don’t hear (26:15)
    • Unraveling parts of ourselves (31:06)
  • Magic Manifestation & Money Flow (41:52)
  • Where to find and keep up with Dr. Alison Kay’s work (47:22)


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