Using Low Carb Nutrition to Battle Chronic Illness with Mandy Podlesny

Mandy Podlesny, This Podcast Burns Fat, podcast

Empowered Eating for Empowered Health

How Mandy’s Sustainable Low Carb Eating Paved the Way Out of Chronic Inflammation


Mandy Podlesny Notable Quotes

“I really don’t identify as a keto coach, I identify as an empowered eating coach because my philosophy is, ‘The only diet that will work is the one you’re willing to do.’
Mandy Podlesny


Episode Summary

When you’ve been consistently misdiagnosed for years and nothing anyone gives you ever works, you’d probably do your own research and look for answers and solutions that would work for you and your body. This is how many health coaches start with.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to health coach Mandy Podlesny to walk us through her years of misdiagnosis of her autoimmune issues and how she took control of her own health and reduced her body’s chronic inflammation by empowered eating.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Mandy Podlesny (02:03)
  • Mandy Podlesny, her story, and her journey into health (03:38)
  • Mandy’s healing process through food (08:48)
  • What kind of relationship Mandy had with food (09:33)
  • Weaning off the carbs (11:37)
  • A dangerously low BMI (13:04)
  • What is it about food that can harm us? (14:28)
  • Mandy’s 5 Pillars for keto (16:53)
  • The importance of sleep in health and weight loss (19:27)
  • The first pillar to focus on for weight loss (21:10)
  • A typical look at Mandy’s day and what she eats (24:38)
  • Where to find Mandy and keep up with what she’s doing (28:49)


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