Weight Loss and the Inflammation Spectrum with Dr. Will Cole!

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Optimize Your Health with Getting Rid of Inflammation!

Keep Inflammation Down with a (Mostly) Plant-Based Keto Diet


Dr. Will Cole Notable Quotes

“Just increasing ketones for the sake of ketones and higher ketones at all costs isn’t the solution for most people—unless you’re managing a specific neurologic disorder, seizure disorder and you need higher ketones to manage a symptom, that’s the exception to the rule.”
Dr. Will Cole


Episode Summary

In this podcast, we’re all about losing weight and optimizing health. Oftentimes, we even go into the root causes of why we gain weight in the first place. And if you’ve listened to previous episodes, you’ll know that one of the reasons why many people have a hard time losing weight is because of inflammation.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to functional medicine expert Dr. Will Cole to walk us through what inflammation is, what it does to the body, and what we can do to mitigate and eliminate inflammation in our own bodies.


Relevant Links

Dr. Will Cole – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Ketotarian: The (Mostly) Plant-Based Plan to Burn Fat, Boost Your Energy, Crush Your Cravings, and Calm Inflammation by Dr. Will Cole

The Inflammation Spectrum: Find Your Food Triggers and Reset Your System by Dr. Will Cole, Eve Adamson


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Will Cole (01:06)
  • Will Cole’s Ketotarian diet (03:15)
    • What’s a pescatarian? (04:56)
  • Achieving ketosis without the conventional ketogenic diet (05:46)
  • The goldilocks principle in inflammation (09:52)
  • Including fiber in vegetables to maintain gut health (10:40)
  • Will Cole’s stand on products “beyond” meat (12:40)
    • An exception for people who are vegan keto (14:12)
  • Will Cole on lectins (14:42)
  • Why does inflammation plague so many people? (17:48)
  • Tests that Dr. Will Cole implements to determine a person’s level of inflammation (20:22)
  • Why does inflammation cause weight gain? (23:00)
    • People have been made to be shamed (25:14)
  • What kind of food should we eat to lessen inflammation? (25:52)
    • The problem of diet fatigue (28:50)
  • Some lifestyle changes we can do to mitigate inflammation (29:31)
  • Will Cole’s stand on the carnivore diet (31:35)
  • The inflammation of fat cells and how we’re able to lose weight on an anti-inflammatory diet (37:31)
  • Keeping up with what Dr. Will Cole is doing (39:55)


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