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The Common Ground Between All Fad Diets

Making Diets Work For You


Dr. Robert Davis Notable Quotes

“Weight loss is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And unfortunately, most people who lose weight do gain back much of it, if not all of it.”
Dr. Robert Davis

“The real question is not what kind of diet works in the short run—which is fine if it can help kickstart people—but the important question is what’s going to work in the long run and what’s going to be the most effective.”
Dr. Robert Davis

Episode Summary

There’s no doubt that diet and weight loss are two things that many, many people are looking at every day. For anyone interested in looking into choosing diets and losing weight, there are so many resources out there with just a click. But because there’s so much information about it—a lot of them conflicting—how do we know which ones to listen to and which ones are a hoax?

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to author and award-winning health journalist, Dr. Robert Davis to uncover the truths behind what we hear about the multitude of fad diets, diet advice, overall health, and weight loss.


Relevant Links

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Supersized Lies: How Myths About Weight Loss Are Keeping Us Fat — and the Truth about What Really Works by Robert Davis, Ph. D.

Fitter Faster: The Smart Way to Get in Shape in Just Minutes a Day by Robert Davis, Ph. D.

Coffee is Good for You: From Vitamin C and Organic Foods to Low-Carb and Detox Diets, the Truth about Diet and Nutrition Claims by Robert Davis, Ph. D.

The Healthy Skeptic: Cutting through the HYPE about Your Health by Robert Davis, Ph. D.


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Robert Davis (01:53)
  • Robert Davis: who he is and what he does (03:53)
    • Why Dr. Robert wrote his book, Supersized Lies (05:19)
  • The terrible advice around diets (06:38)
  • Diets and evidence on their effectiveness (08:15)
  • Genetic differences and variations in diet responses (09:01)
  • Figuring out the specifics of bio-individuality (11:03)
  • Robert Davis’ thoughts on the keto diet (12:50)
  • Diet principle cross overs to lose weight (15:18)
  • Calories and does counting them really work? (17:32)
  • Not all calories are created equal (20:11)
  • The problem with overfocusing on calories (20:50)
  • Robert’s thoughts on the Mediterranean diet (21:14)
  • Cutting back on sugar (22:14)
  • The glycation factor and inflammation (24:35)
  • Weight loss supplements (25:15)
    • Berberine supplement (27:34)
  • Exercise and getting Fitter Faster (28:28)
    • Strength training and weight loss (31:52)
  • Excuses and how to stop making excuses (33:05)
  • Robert Davis’ thoughts on intermittent fasting (36:16)
  • Where to find and keep up with Dr. Robert Davis and his works (38:54)


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