Tricia Nelson Tells Us What’s Underneath Emotional Eating

Tricia Nelson

Overcoming Overeating and Emotional Eating is a Lifestyle Change 

The Why Underneath Overeating


Tricia Nelson Notable Quotes

“In order to eat differently, you’re going to have to live differently. It’s not an eating problem, it’s a living problem.”
Tricia Nelson

“That’s really how I came to help people directly through this amazing system of healing, which again, isn’t focused on food and weight, but really focused on going deeper and really just clearing away the stuff that’s blocking us from being able to just be free and feel peaceful with food.”
Tricia Nelson

“The reason why [diets] are detrimental is that it leads people down a garden path to think that there is a quick fix to their weight loss struggles, and if they just eat less and exercise more, or do this particular plan or that particular plan, then that’s their magic cure.”
Tricia Nelson


Episode Summary

             Have you ever turned to food for comfort? Is food something you turn to when you try to find something familiar, something to ground yourself with? If so, then you may be struggling with emotional eating. And emotional eating runs deeper than just liking food and leaning on it.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we have emotional eating expert Tricia Nelson to dig through the intricacies and delicacies underlying emotional eating and how we can take the first steps to overcome them.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Tricia Nelson (00:36)
  • Tricia Nelson, her relationship with food, and her weight loss journey (02:22)
    • Realizing the emotional connection to food (04:50)
    • The desperation to lose weight (06:22)
    • The feeling of hopelessness (07:33)
    • The spiritual mentor who showed Tricia a path of healing (09:23)
  • Tricia: yes, dieting and diet culture is bad in general (12:17)
  • The underlying issues behind overeating and weight gain (13:58)
  • Pain, Fear, and Guilt: the three primary emotions that drive emotional eating (17:22)
    • The Pain killer, Escape, Punishment (PEP) Test (17:40)
  • More to emotional eating than emotions (23:08)
    • Emotional eaters know what to do, they just can’t follow through (24:30)
    • Creating our cravings, un-creating our cravings (24:58)
    • Emotional eaters are usually people-pleasers (25:38)
    • Emotional eaters get really resentful (but they won’t say anything) (28:26)
  • Check out Fastic! (30:00)
  • How to find out if you’re an emotional eater or if you’re addicted to food (31:15)
    • It’s a matter of control and consequences (34:45)
  • Society’s role in one’s eating habits (37:45)
    • Stress is a large part of the overeating deal (39:28)
  • A clear sign that you might be an emotional eater (41:08)
    • The aftermath of losing the weight (43:28)
  • Unhappy with the goal weight (44:45)
  • Does overeating and emotional eating ever go away (46:26)
  • Having community and overcoming emotional eating (48:10)


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