What to do When Dieting Doesn’t Work with Camille Martin!

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Former Chronic Dieter Camille Martin Shares How We Can Lose Weight By Changing Our Mindset

The Key is Taking Baby Steps to Reach Our Bigger, Better Goals!


Camille Martin Notable Quotes

“When you start setting and achieving goals that have nothing to do with how you look like, it builds your confidence that has been completely destroyed by dieting and failing that that just infuses itself into the whole positive cycle that’s going to start spinning up instead of down.”
Camille Martin

“The weight is a symptom of how you feel which is coming directly from the thoughts you entertain. So, if you think differently, you feel differently, and you develop confidence and a new identity about yourself, that will show up outwardly.”
Camille Martin

“The small steps that you’re taking are just a reminder of yes, I have purpose. I have value. I’m so much bigger. My life should be so much bigger than just trying to lose weight.”
Camille Martin

“I would just say to every woman, just know that diets don’t work, just stop. And you are capable of so much more, and you deserve more than to waste your time in this insanity. It’s a bunch of social conditioning and brainwashing that is absolutely not true.”
Camille Martin


Episode Summary

Even before this day and age, the media have conditioned us to think that how we look dictates our value, which is obviously completely wrong. But when you grow up being made to think like this, it’s no surprise to see how difficult it is to unlearn this thought pattern and everything that comes with it, including chronic dieting.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to registered dietician, public health writer, and former chronic dieter, Camille Martin, to enlighten and enforce to us that we’re so much more than just our weight and that we deserve to live happier, healthier lives.


Relevant Links

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Love to Lose: Love Your Life and Watch the Weight Lose Itself by Camille Martin, RD


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Camille Martin (01:01)
  • Camille Martin, her journey, and her story (03:12)
  • It all comes down to your mindset (09:30)
  • When Camille Martin became a registered dietician (10:04)
  • Why setting big goals are critical (11:25)
    • Set smaller, baby steps towards that goal (13:25)
  • Food is just food; it’s what keeps us alive (14:00)
  • Bridge the gap of food knowledge without falling into the diet trap (15:30)
    • Not cooking is part of the problem (16:52)
    • It’s an issue of what you surround yourself with (17:35)
  • Camille Martin’s advice on what to do next (19:52)
    • Quit dieting (20:12)
    • Don’t waste your life chasing after weight loss (20:25)
  • A structured way to go about changing your mindset about food and dieting (22:07)
  • Habits change your life (25:24)
  • There just isn’t a quick fix (26:14)
  • Breaking through negative thought patterns (26:24)
  • Enforcing the good we do to ourselves with non-food rewards (28:53)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Camille Martin (30:55)


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