Build Off a Brand that is Authentically You

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Helping People and Making Money CAN Come in Hand in Hand

Find Out Your Archetype and Leverage It in Your Marketing


Notable Quotes

“What’s your favorite way of helping other humans, such that you come alive, and they get a lot out of it, and everybody wins?”
Christina Frei

“It’s a lifestyle. You have to commit to doing it consistently … it’s not something you just do once in a while and expect to have results flowing in.”
Omar Cumberbatch

“I love hearing when people do fantastic work for others, help them live a better life, and their bank account looks fantastic.”
Christina Frei


Episode Summary

Making the world a better place might sound like a cliché – until you discover that might just be a kernel of truth hidden in the rough. Finding out that expression of authenticity shouldn’t be a struggle, but a journey that changes lives.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, holistic marketing maven and Generosity Practice advocate Christina Frei joins Omar Cumberbatch. Tune in as they discuss how one’s inner nature can help them find the consistency and depth in bringing their brand to any audience, on any platform. After all, making a better world can really be easy – if one gives it a shot.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Christina Frei (00:53)
  • Christina talks about the Generosity Practice mindset. (04:16)
  • Why doing good comes hand in hand with making money. (07:48)
  • How did the Generosity Practice get started? (08:57)
  • Christina and Omar touch on Omar’s archetypes: Adventure Guide and Nurturer (11:07)
  • What is your brand story? (11:58)
  • “You’re all about boldness, and that boldness gets translated into what your clients want.” (14:29)
  • Getting started in the deep dive of easily discovering your own personality patterns (17:15)
  • What does an Adventure Guide archetype look like in practice? (20:10)
  • What does Christina always look for in her client sessions? (22:32)
  • Door Openers, and how they can rock your world right. (25:35)
  • Lots of contacts, resources, and more? You might be a Steady Presence. (26:19)
  • Celebrators, bringing in the good life with their own special flair. (27:42)
  • Are there archetypes that are rare in practice? (29:21)
  • “I just would want you to find real delight in your true voice.” (31:57)


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