Why It’s SO Hard to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Self-Love and Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs


Edward Miller Notable Quotes

“Meditation is a great tool for observing your thoughts, observing your emotions, and not so much clinging to them.”
Edward Miller

“This is a man who was struggling a lot with his own stuff. But I felt that healing people and empowering people was my destiny.”
Edward Miller

“We have to start accepting that we’re already enough.”
Edward Miller


Episode Summary

As health coaches, we take care of people. So much so that sometimes we put too a little bit much expectations on our own shoulders. Sometimes we need to slow down and check on ourselves and make sure we’re not neglecting us—not just our bodies, but also our minds.

In this episode, Edward Miller of SoulTranSync will talk about how we shouldn’t forget to be mindful and kind to ourselves.


Relevant Links

SoulTranSync – Website | Facebook

Uncovering & Embracing Soul Power: SoulTranSync Practices for Learning the Art of SELF-LOVE by Edward Miller


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Edward Miller of SoulTranSync (01:00)
  • Edward Miller, his journey, and where he is today (03:28)
    • Realizing the need to be self-empowered (05:00)
  • Turning to transcendental meditation and suppressing the thinking mind (06:10)
    • How Edward first stumbled into meditation (06:58)
  • The next step in Edward’s career and entrepreneurship (07:45)
    • Making the decision to make changes (10:10)
    • Delving into running charter schools (11:38)
    • Taking on the burdens of the community (16:28)
  • The pull into the coaching industry (17:43)
  • Soul searching, the Ho’oponopono, and healing hearts (19:05)
    • What Ho’oponopono is and where it came from (19:35)
  • How Ho’oponoponofits into health coaching (21:48)
  • The healing and changes Edward immediately saw (23:37)
  • We have to start accepting that we’re already enough (26:03)
  • Perfection does not exist and is unnecessary (26:21)
  • Associating eating and food with happiness (31:05)
  • Why it’s important to get in line with our truths and loving ourselves (31:47)
    • Allowing yourself to feel without judgment is a very loving act (33:56)
  • What message we’re bringing forth to the world (34:47)
  • How to recognize when the ego and not the self is in control (37:41)
  • Edward Miller’s book: Uncovering and Embracing Soul Power (39:30)
  • Where to get in touch with Edward Miller (42:13)


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