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James Keck Notable Quotes 

“ If you want to take control of your weight you need to take control of your mind. And that’s a continuous experience. ”
James Keck

Episode Summary

James Keck believes he has found the magic number people need to know to lose weight permanently. Having gone through his own weight loss experience, James learns many lessons that he wants the world to know.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, Omar and Lori welcome James Keck, the owner of Kuma Health and Wellness in La Grange, IL and author of Lose 20 Pounds, Keep It Off Forever. James shares a few stories and experiences that show how effective his strategy really is.


Relevant Links 

James Keck – Website 

Lose 20 Lbs KEEP IT OFF FOREVER: The Secret to Weight Loss for Life by James Keck Amazon | Free Copy

Eat Right for your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Ardamo, Catherine Whitney – Amazon


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat! 

  • Omar and Lori introduce this episode’s guest, James Keck (01:52)
  • How does James come up with a personal plan for people? (02:50)
  • How did James discover this was his calling?(04:01)
  • What key lesson did James learn on his weight loss journey? (05:30)
    • How did that lesson inspire James to write the book?(06:17)
    • What was the book that guided James? (06:45)
    • James talks about the key strategies he developed (07:19)
  • Lori asks about three hurdles that hinder weight gain (09:07)
    • James talks about an experience that taught him a lesson he wants to share (11:54)
  • Omar asks James why he specifically uses 20lbs for his book (12:02)
    • James talks about the natural progression of weight loss (12:43)
  • Omar and James talk about the rebound effect (13:46)
  • Lori asks James for a couple beneficial habits listeners can do now (15:16)
    • Forget dieting, Eat better (15:41)
    • Make exercise fun (16:10)
    • Accountability makes a difference (16:39)
    • Make a plan (17:15)
  • How does James help people come up with a plan (17:37)
    • James shares the story of his shining example of weight loss (19:07)
  • Lori asks James what he thinks is a healthy meal (21:53)
  • Omar asks James what are the things that should be avoided (23:23)
  • Does James use supplements in his or his clients plans? (25:03)
  • Where to find James online (26:09)


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