Break Through the Scarcity Mindset

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Transition to a Mindset of Abundance

What Does it Mean to Charge “A Fair Amount”


Isaac Ho Notable Quotes

“If we’re an artist and we never cared about how to make art work in the world or how finance or how money moved in the world, then we’d be the definition of a starving artist.”
Isaac Ho

“It’s so cool that there’s no limitation, for me, on who you can become and how you can serve your client if you’re really willing to deal with your own money scarcity, you’re willing to deal with the beliefs you have about your own limitations and the stories you have around it.”
Isaac Ho


Episode Summary

Many health coaches become health coaches to help people. We decide we want to take back control of our health, then we get our certifications, and then…many of us end up shelving those certifications because many of us struggle to reach a full-time income from being health coaches. But guess what? We can definitely change that.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to health coach, therapist, practice owner and returning guest Isaac Ho to break down this money mindset and how we can overcome what limits us from earning the compensation we deserve.


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Isaac Ho (00:52)
  • Health coaches having a difficult time making money (03:18)
  • Charging clients for health coaching services (05:30)
    • Arriving at what “a fair amount” was (08:00)
  • All those trainings for certifications…and none of them are for business (09:45)
  • Omar’s context: the family, the jobs, and the podcasts (11:20)
  • What Omar does for the US Court System (14:12)
  • Selling the idea of change for the better (17:51)
  • The processes needed to transition from one system to another (19:42)
  • What held Omar back from becoming a full-time health coach (22:29)
  • Getting around the scarcity mindset around money (24:28)
  • How money has unlocked a lot of opportunities for Isaac Ho (29:32)
  • Serving more health coaches (38:12)


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