Why We Gain Weight In a Relationship

Putting on Pounds in a Relationship

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“I think facing illusions includes things like seeing what I’m eating, recognizing its nutritional value, and seeing the reality of that bad eating habit that doesn’t serve you.” – Nancy Johnston

Episode Summary

             When we catch ourselves getting entangled with anything—people, jobs, relationships, food—it’s easy to lose ourselves in it. When that happens, it’s important for us to recognize it and work towards disentangling ourselves from it.

In this episode, we have licensed therapist and author Nancy Johnston to talk about how we can disentangle ourselves from the things that keep us from being our healthiest selves.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar’s e-book cookbook: The Art of Sugar-Free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living (01:03)
  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Nancy Johnston (02:23)
  • Nancy’s background, Disentangled, and how it applies to the different aspects of life (03:30)
  • How losing one’s self happens (07:30)
    • The concentric circles of self, family, and socio-political environment (08:20)
  • Understanding the dynamics and roles an individual plays in each family system (10:30)
  • We’re most likely to regress to our weakest at HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) (12:30)
    • What the cells are doing when you’re at HALT (13:40)
    • Overextending and how it leads to entanglement (15:13)
  • Entanglement and the weight gain while in a relationship (15:48)
    • Initial motivation by external appearance (16:15)
    • Less pressure in a secure relationship (17:45)
    • Having a good sense of how we like to be and how we like to eat (19:20)
  • Facing illusions: seeing reality: breaking through denial (19:45)
  • Being consciously intentional in changing habits (22:06)
  • How people recognize that they need help (24:32)
  • Teaching how to respond and not to react (26:33)
    • The sympathetic nervous system is a hot water heater (27:05)
    • Pausing and slowing down to make neurological shifts (28:40)
  • The power of pausing and deep breathing (30:37)
  • How the pause and the deep breath helps to reconnect with the self (32:18)
  • The first thing Nancy would say to an unhappy person (32:53)
  • What we should work on to Disentangle ourselves (35:23)
  • How to keep in touch with Nancy Johnston (38:56)


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The Art of Sugar-free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living by Omar Cumberbatch

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