Why There’s a Need for More Health Coaches

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Make Passion for Health a Career


Isaac Ho Notable Quotes 

“When we think about health coaches it’s like– one of the things we’re doing is we’re getting ourselves healthy– like every coach I know has pretty much been through trauma. Been through trauma, had something happen, had to heal from it and they go ‘Oh it’s not normal to be in that state. It’s not normal to be messed up like that.’”
Isaac Ho

“I started diving down that rabbit hole personally and just signed up to IIN, which is where I went to health coaching school, and I’m like I want to share this with people, you know? This is something people need to know.”
Omar Cumberbatch


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Episode Summary

There are a lot of changes one has to make in their life to become a Health Coach. Isaac Ho returns to the podcast to discuss with Omar their experiences with health growing up and how these circumstances caused them to pursue careers as Health Coaches.

Sometimes you need more help than professionals can provide. Omar and Isaac exchange stories of their struggles with health and the health challenges friends and family have gone through.


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar talks about what makes this episode a little different (00:44)
  • Omar introduces return guest Isaac Ho (03:05)
  • Isaac wants to share why he thinks there should be more Health Coaches (03:52)
  • Isaac asks Omar about his sisters lung cancer (05:00)
    • We all know when something is wrong (07:43)
    • The difference between a Doctor and a Health Coach (08:35)
    • Despite the stage 4 diagnosis she stayed strong enough to be with her family and make memories (10:05)
  • Isaac shares the memories he has of his grandfather (11:17)
    • The tragic case of Isaacs friend (13:12)
  • An example of why there should be multiple ways of interpreting test results (14:35)
  • Why some M.D.s refer people to Isaac (15:23)
  • Omar shares the story of his childhood neighborhood (17:12)
    • Even with these conditions vegetables were always part of Omars diet (19:33)
    • Why having vegetables is so important to Omar’s family (21:22)
  • The health of health coaches (22:50)
  • The case of Isaacs friend’s health (23:41)
  • Omar shares his health coach origin story (25:07)
    • The sugar video (28:43)
  • What was Isaac’s health coaching origin story (31:20)
    • A terrifying experience from Isaac’s childhood (33:44)
  • Isaac’s different diagnoses (34:49)
  • The emotional work with clients (36:35)
  • Being a health coach also means being open to ideas (38:24)
  • Omar’s Health Heroes, old but gold (39:50)
  • Isaac’s Health Heroes, athletes past their prime (42:47)
  • What Omar’s message to Health Coaches (45:52)
  • Isaac’s message to Health Coaches (46:50)


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