Why You Need to Invest in Your Health Coach Practice

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Grow Your Business by Investing in Yourself and Your Business

Streamline Your Business By Zeroing in on Your Target Client


Kela Robinson Smith Notable Quotes

“I always tell anybody I talk to who wants to be a health coach or that is a health coach, you have to invest in your business. You have to invest in yourself. You’re building a business. This isn’t just a hobby, for most people. It wasn’t a hobby for me. So you have to invest in yourself, so that’s what I did, and I wish I had done it sooner.”
Kela Robinson Smith

“Don’t sit back and not put any money into your business because if you don that, then it’s definitely not going to grow.
                                                – Kela Robinson Smith

“The medical field, I feel like we’re in sick care. We need to be in a well care, and that’s where a health coach comes in.”
Kela Robinson Smith


Episode Summary

When you’re a health coach starting out your business, you may receive the occasional advice of outsourcing and hiring out a team to free up your time. Often times, when this happens, you might feel reluctant to do so because you feel like you need to be at a certain point before you feel comfortable hiring out. I know that’s how it was for me.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to health coach and wellness educator, Kela Robinson Smith, the mastermind behind the Hormone Puzzle Method and a  successful entrepreneur. She talks about the importance of why we should invest in ourselves and in our business, as well as some practical tips on how to grow our clientele and build out our own teams.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Kela Robinson Smith (01:48)
  • Doing more by investing in your business (02:08)
  • Kela Robinson Smith, her story, and her journey (04:13)
  • Knowing the target market right from the get-go (05:48)
  • Kela Robinson Smith’s hormone puzzle method (06:58)
  • Kela’s advice on zeroing in on your target market (07:33)
  • Kela was always an entrepreneur at heart (08:42)
  • The first thing Kela outsourced to free up her time and do what she loves doing (09:58)
    • The people who make up Kela’s team (11:34)
  • What we health coaches should focus on to get to grow the business to that 10-member team (12:02)
    • Start with your warm markets (12:26)
    • Do a lot of networking (13:03)
  • How Kela Robinson Smith got comfortable with pricing (13:40)
  • Kela Robinson Smith’s business model and income streams (15:08)
  • Taking advantage of collaborations and affiliations (16:50)
  • Limiting beliefs Kela had to overcome to succeed (18:15)
  • The most common mistakes a health coach makes that get in the way of success (19:35)
  • A fair amount of investment to spend per month on a team (20:50)
  • The biggest bang for Kela’s back as far as investments go (22:22)
  • How to go about building out your own team (22:52)
    • Getting someone who isn’t in the health space (24:06)
  • What the health coaching space will look like in the future (25:25)
  • How Kela Robinson Smith came to coach other coaches (26:55)
  • Kela Robinson Smith’s mastermind group and use her code: JANUARY1 (29:16)
  • Kela’s advice to the health coach who is on the fence about pushing through health coaching (30:30)
  • All the opportunities for health coaches (31:35)
  • Where to get in touch and keep up with what Kela is doing (32:38)


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