Usually, when someone starts a diet, they don’t have any intentions of doing it long term. They go on a diet, lose weight only to gain it right back. This cycle is called Yo-yo dieting and it isn’t just a frustrating process, it can eventually make it harder to lose weight!

Part of the issue is that a diet usually restricts something that you to such a degree that it makes it difficult to eliminate indefinitely. Whether it is carbohydrates, meat, or even sugar, to give it up forever is a daunting task that most people want no part of.

Dr. Candice Seti, aka The Weight Loss Therapist, joins the show to discuss why it is essential to work on lifestyle changes for weight loss and weight maintenance so they no longer need to worry about dieting again!

Her approach provides an alternative strategy to weight loss based on cognitive therapy that allows people to change their life and their relationship with food, instead of just simply dieting. Her protocol focuses on emotional eating, restructuring routines, and utilizing self-talk to help instead of sabotage.

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