Coach Jessica Procini Addresses Emotional Eating 

Emotional Eating, Jessica Procini

Emotional Dependence on Food, Emotional Eating, and Overeating


Jessica Procini Notable Quotes

“I quickly discovered, especially when I binge ate my way through nutrition school, that emotional eating is a completely different animal. It really doesn’t have a lot to do with what we’re eating, but really has a lot to do with why we’re eating.”
                                                – Jessica Procini

“I believe there is value in the physical and in exploring diets and the science of nutrition…and there’s also value in what tends to be forgotten, which is the invisible stuff, the emotional health, mental health. Where an emotional eater can get of track is in the assumption that this is only about the physical.”
– Jessica Procini


Episode Summary

            When we talk about weight loss, we inevitably have to address our relationship with food. How do we view food as? How does food make us feel? Is food something we lean or depend on at certain times? Many people don’t realize the association between emotions and food, and many more don’t recognize that they have an emotional dependence on food.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the founder of Escape from Emotional Eating, Jessica Procini, to walk us through emotional eating and how we can take the first steps into overcoming it.


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Escape from Emotional Eating – Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Check out Fastic! (00:03)
  • Motivation and accountability during the holidays (01:45)
  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Jessica Procini (02:30)
  • Jessica Procini and Escape from Emotional Eating (04:04)
    • Haunted by food (05:22)
    • The need for something to change (07:45)
  • The formula for success in life isn’t the same formula for the success in food (09:08)
  • Short-term vs. long-term emotional eating (11:38)
    • Emotional eating during the pandemic: they’ve been emotional eaters even before the pandemic (12:45)
  • It’s not the food that triggers, the problem runs deeper than that (14:15)
    • It’s not the food: it’s our association with food (18:05)
  • What Jessica would say to someone who’s in the trenches of emotional eating (18:45)
    • Emotional fitness, emotional resilience, emotional literacy (20:08)
  • The science of nutrition and where it fits into emotional eating (22:00)
    • Unchecked emotions can manifest as excess weight (23:42)
    • Take a holistic approach: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (24:00)
  • Why, why, why (25:05)
    • Being physically present and paying attention (26:43)
  • Coming to Jessica for weight loss before finding out the emotional eating problem (27:36)
  • Using movement to heal emotional eating (29:15)
  • Binge eating (31:46)
  • How to recognize that you’re an emotional eater (34:02)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Jessica Procini (37:18)


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