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Boost Motivation with Realistic Expectations

Achieve Better Results by Keeping the Stress Off


Martin Sharp Notable Quotes

“The mindset is the first and the key thing. Like anything, if you fundamentally know what you’re trying to do or what you’re trying to achieve, that’s half the battle, creating that goal and creating that framework of how you’re going to achieve those goals, short-term goals, mid-term goals, long-term goals. And that’s the principle of any transformation, personal or in business.”

                                                – Martin Sharp

“The big thing that [mindset] shifts is that how do you turn that moment of inspiration and motivation into something that becomes dedication so that you can keep and stick to that and you turn those into instinct and great habits that can support you.”
Martin Sharp


Episode Summary

One of the things that hold us back—or we think hold us back—when it comes to reaching our weight loss goals is the lack of time. We’re always busy: busy with work, busy with taking care of the family, busy with whatever it is that takes up our time. But the thing is, being busy doesn’t necessarily have to take us away from our weight loss goals.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to entrepreneur, multi-award winning international consultant, and fitness and lifestyle coach Martin Sharp to walk us through some strategies on how we can stick to our fitness goals despite our busy schedules.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Martin Sharp (01:33)
  • Martin Sharp, his health journey, and what motivated him to lose weight (03:15)
  • The big transformation started with the online trainer (14:23)
  • How mindset affects how we change our health (15:32)
  • We lead by example (19:04)
  • What Martin Sharp had to overcome when it came to his nutrition (20:55)
    • The first changes with diet and meals (22:57)
  • What Martin Sharp’s trainer’s protocol looked like (27:45)
  • Increased motivation after seeing success (29:45)
  • Stress and its negative impact on the body (31:53)
  • The first step to take to start losing weight (34:12)
  • Setting realistic expectations when it comes to weight loss (35:33)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Martin Sharp (38:15)


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