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Life is complicated, isn’t it?  We exist in an all consuming paradox in which our mind interprets our existence as a separation from the other beings on this planet.  We have an identity and we believe ourselves to be profoundly unique individuals.  So how can we comprehend that we are actually all ONE and all connected to each other at the same time?

TJ Woodward joins the radio show to help us understand this paradox with his simple, yet powerful teachings.  TJ  is a spiritual author, inspirational speaker, awakening coach and addiction counselor.  He is the founding spiritual director of Awakened Living in San Francisco, and is in private practice as a spiritual counselor and awakening coach. TJ also works as the spiritual counselor and group facilitator at Foundations San Francisco Intensive Outpatient treatment program. In addition, he is the host of Awakened Living TV and Awakened Living Radio.

Today, TJ stops by to discuss his new book “Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature”.  Conscious BEING has been described as an insightful guide for rediscovering your essential nature and living an intentional and awakened life.

concious being

Listen in as TJ and I discuss:

  • The clear signs of an awakened and unawakened living
  • What the concept of “how can I help you” instead of “how can I judge you”is.
  • What the levels of consciousness are.
  • How he used mind awareness techniques and affirmations to successfully build the life of his dreams but still yearned for something more.
  • The concept of Mystical Consciousness, in which he describes that everything is a perfect expression of the divine and all is sacred and how to accept this idea with all of the craziness going on in the world.
  • The concept of Sane vs Insane and how what is accepted in the collective would be diagnosed as mental illness in the individual.
  • His amazing experience in India and how it allowed him to permanently change his relationship with his ego.
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