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How many things do we come across in life that we label “hard”?  Is it “hard” to lose weight?  Is it “hard” to run a business?  Is it “hard” to get out of our comfort zones?  Is it “hard” to deal with rejection?  Is it “hard” to learn new technologies to expand your business?  Most people throw around the word so liberally that we really don’t have a true idea of what “hard” actually is.

If you still think the above examples are “hard”, could you imagine if you had to do all of them blind?

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome Maxwell Ivey to the show.  Maxwell is a totally blind business owner, blogger, podcaster, and newly self published author. His primary business is helping people sell new and used amusement equipment and related items.  While building this business, Maxwell had to learn many things including how to hand code html, start a blog, record videos, use social media, build an email list, recruit clients, write ad copy, generate email newsletters, and much more. He also lost over 250 pounds after having gastric surgery along with eating healthier regular exercise and a positive attitude.

Max is a true inspiration.  I knew after my interview with him I had to eliminate all of the convenient excuses that I sometimes use.  I am now motivated to put things in action.  I am ready to learn what I need to learn and ask for help when I need help.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The importance of accountability.
  • How Max’s health issues turned his life around.
  • When he actually found out that he was an inspiration.
  • Why we should ask for help when we need it and why so many people struggle with this.
  • Why the concept of asking for help was easier because he grew up blind, and
  • The importance of taking small steps.

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Thank you Max for being on the show!