Laurie burton

I never would have imagined myself feeling the need to go to an acting class.  Yet, after reading Laurie Burton’s book “Presenting You”, I absolutely feel like I have to!  Laurie is an entrepreneur, veteran actress of stage and screen, a public speaking coach, and author whose mission is to help bring confidence and passion to people’s lives through their communications with each other through the secrets of acting.

Laurie shares how the art of acting can help you add a powerful dimension to your life that helps people unlock hidden potential in their everyday lives!  Laurie explains how you can become a great communicator by unlocking your ability to express yourself freely and connect our emotions with the words we speak. Laurie challenges us to bring out our inner vitality, depth and color in our voice, our body, our eyes and our face.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why the secrets of the actor is so important.
  • The definition of charisma and how can we get more of it.
  • How a person can be both corporate and express their true personalities.
  • Why should you make friends with our perceived flaws.
  • The importance of buying a full length mirror.
  • Why saying your name is the most important thing you’ll ever say.
  • How you can sell yourself in 30 seconds.

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