Meiyoko Taylor

Don’t get it confused Health Coaches.  Your brand is not your logo.  We are not Nike.  We are not Pepsi.  Our brand is our story.  People don’t want to work with us because of some cool artwork we paid a graphic designer to come up with.  People want to work with us because they relate to our unique story.  The key to connecting with potential clients is how we relay that story and show how we stand out in an otherwise saturated market.

So how do we establish our brand?  It is rather allusive to many of us.  Especially when the idea of being a brand  continually evolves.

To help us understand this concept, we invited Meiyoko Taylor to the show.  Meiyoko is an Internationally recognized author, entrepreneur and personal development coach. He works extensively with people from all across the world, showing them how to take control of their life, find their passion, and unlock the greatness that is within. With his new book, “Find Your Amazing- 5 Steps to Transforming Your Life”, Meiyoko helps people unlock their true potential and create their own version of success, firmly believing that “When your passion, purpose, and talents are in alignment something “amazing” has to happen”.  He joins the show today to discuss how health coaches can stand out in a saturated market.

Meiyoko's book.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why all markets are saturated and strategies he recommends a health coach employ to separate themselves
  • How important your story is when you are trying to separate yourself in your market.
  • Some of the marketing trends that health coaches should be aware of.
  • The personal development techniques health coaches should arm themselves with for success.
  • Vital habits that maximize productivity, and
  • Why branding is sometimes thought of as a dirty word.

Thank you Meiyoko for being on the show!

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