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Betrayal has been with humanity since the beginning of time.  The act of betrayal has such powerful ramifications, the betrayer can live in infamy until the end of time.  Names like Judas and Benedict Arnold are synonymous with acts of betrayal that literally changed the course of history.

Even in current events, the theme of betrayal surround us.  Most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers made headline news with their own betrayal incident in Kobe Bryant’s farewell season.  Rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell had a video surface that shows him recording a private conversation between himself and teammate Nick Young. Young doesn’t seem to realize he is being taped especially since he  is discussing other women while he’s been engaged since last June to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

Again, this is a rookie, barely 20 years old with an entire career ahead of him.  How does he get past this betrayal.  How does the team?

Obviously, getting past betrayal is not easy.  I think most of us can say that we have been betrayed in some form or another.  We may have invested in a job or career for quite sometime only to be laid off during an economic downturn.  We might of been in a relationship that we were cheated on.  We might have found out a dark family secret that shattered our previous beliefs.  Whatever the form of betrayal we might have been exposed to likely has had more of an impact on our lives than we actually are aware of.

To help us with this subject, TWU Radio welcomed back Holli Kenley to the show!  Holli joins the show to discuss her new book, Breaking Through Betrayals and Recovering the Peace Within.  Where as most books tend to focus on specific types of betrayal like infidelity, Holli broadens the subject to include all types of betrayal in order to show how this issue impacts aspects of our lives that we never would have imagined and how to overcome it.


Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why she prefers to discuss all kinds of betrayal when most books deal with a specific issue such as infidelity.
  • What the biggest misconception or myth around betrayal and recovery from it is.
  • Some of the traps that she sees victims of betrayal fall for or into.
  • The 3 debilitating “States of Being” that individuals go through when they have been betrayed.
  • Why she has redefined relapse as an issue of “self-betrayal”.
  • What is the relationship of shame in recovery from relapse, and
  • What D’Angelo Russell can do to get past his betrayal to his team.

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