Nathalie Botros

Do you feel like you are always on a diet? Are you a serial dieter who constantly obsesses about your food choices in the hope of losing weight or staying thin? I know I am!

Quick story for instance. Recently, I went to a new dentist. So, as you know, every time you go to a new dentist or doctor, they have you fill out an intake form with a million questions. As I’m plowing through them as quickly as possible, one question made me pause. “Are you currently on a diet?”

This question really impacted me. It theoretically shouldn’t have stood out from the other hundred questions I just answered, but it bothered me. I knew the answer of course, uh yeah, but what irked me was that I’m pretty sure that no matter what point in life I filled that survey out, the answer would be the same.

Well, perhaps there’s another way. Maybe we don’t have to obsess about macro and micronutrients, or low carb, or meatless diets. Nathalie Botros, aka the Bon-Vivant Girl, joins the show to share what she discovered on her journey to become thin. She also shares why what she considers and anti-diet book, is resonating with the masses. Nathalie is a certified health coach and psychotherapist,who brings a unique perspective to the holistic health game with a playful, practical, and very European approach.

Take a listen!