Becoming Mindstrong: Break Through the Bullsh*t

Rachel: Nutrition is a Learnable Skill

The First Step is Doing the Bare Minimum


Notable Quotes

“There is a very distinct difference between eating for weight loss and eating healthy. In theory, you can eat nothing but Krispy Kreme donuts and lose weight if you’re on large deficit, but you would die before you can show off your new bikini body. You’re missing the vitamins and minerals that are going to exist in broccoli and more nutritious foods.”

                                                – Rachel Freiman

The big mindset shift that we’re determined to make is we get people away from the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, or ‘allowed’ and ‘not allowed,’ and instead, we use ‘nutritious’ and ‘less nutritious.’ Can you lose weight eating donuts? Absolutely. Is it going to be as nutritious, are you going to feel as energized, are you going to be as healthy as choosing broccoli now and then? Absolutely not.”

                                                – Rachel Freiman


Episode Summary

When someone decides to lose weight, more often than not, everything suddenly becomes a world of do’s and don’t’s, can and can’t’s, and allowed and not allowed. The restrictions are endless to the point that it feels like the end of the world when you fail to comply with those restrictions. Lucky for us, getting your health back and losing weight doesn’t have to feel that way.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to health coach, author, CEO of Minstrong Fitness, and avid donut-lover, Rachel Freiman to talk about breaking through the intentional overcomplication of the diet industry and taking a more mindful and compassionate approach to health and weight loss.


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Becoming Mindstrong Podcast

Becoming MindStrong: The Truth About Health, Fitness, and the Bullsh*t That’s Holding You Back (2020) by Rachel Freiman


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Rachel Freiman (00:40)
  • How Rachel Freiman became Mindstrong (02:19)
  • The one thing that stuck out after pulling back the curtain (04:55)
  • The difference in how different foods are metabolized (06:30)
  • The big mindset shift: removing and changing labels (07:23)
  • Every diet is the same diet (08:30)
  • Is Mindstrong a diet? (10:38)
  • Some limiting beliefs Rachel Freiman’s clients had around weight loss (12:16)
  • An advocate of doing the bare minimum (16:15)
  • Living from the inside out (20:40)
  • What is the TFAR Loop? (25:03)
  • Taking the first step to weight loss (27:53)
  • The one bare minimum thing to do in mindset and nutrition (29:44)
  • Where to find Rachel Freiman and keep up with her work (34:35)


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