Everyone knows that confidence is important.  But exactly how important is it?  Can you seemingly have it all and still feel a sense of lacking just because of that missing ingredient?  Brad Finkeldei believes that is precisely what was missing from really feeling complete in his life.

Brad did everything you were supposed to do in order to live the American dream. Great grades, an amazing job climbing the corporate ladder, and a big house.  Yet he felt so limited by his job and the lifestyle he was living.  For whatever reason, he just didn’t feel confident in who he was.

He had a big aha moment when a life coach told him he wasn’t confident and that he was buying all his confidence with his big paycheck.  This conversation showed him that he was buying things and experiences in order to get people to like him.  He then diligently pursued how to improve upon his confidence and his life changed for the better.

This experience propelled Brad to become a self-confidence coach, international speaker, and the bestselling author of the book The Mindset Shift.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why confidence is the missing ingredient to success.
  • How to tell if we are lacking in confidence.
  • If there is such a thing as too much confidence.
  • Whether being realistic is a hindrance to confidence.
  • The role fear plays in confidence.
  • Tips on how parents can raise confident kids, and
  • Why being confident requires a healthy relationship with failure.
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