Maureen St. Germain

Maureen St. Germain

What if you had an inner GPS system always assisting you with the directions to get you to the exact location you need to be in your life?  This system will always have your best interest at hand. It will avoid all unnecessary traffic and help you avoid accidents.  How valuable would something like this be?  Could you even put a price on this?

Maureen St. Germain knows exactly how to access this wonderful, free tool. It is your Higher Self.  Maureen is a world-renowned metaphysical teacher, author, and Founder of Akashic Records Guides International.  Maureen is a facilitator of spiritual awakening and personal development.  She loves to shares the knowledge she has gained from over twenty-five years of study in ancient truths.  She is known world-wide for her books on ascension, Akashic Records readings,  and the Flower of Life.

She joins the show to discuss her new collaborative book, “Realities of Creation“.  This book is a toolbox, filled with ideas to help us move beyond our preconceived notions and limiting beliefs.  Each author contributed a chapter on their area of expertise, Maureen’s being connecting to your higher self.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why she decided to be a part of this collaborative effort.
  • Why men weren’t invited to the party.
  • What the process is to begin connecting to your higher self.
  • Why there is a 6 week commitment at a minimum.
  • How a signal from your Higher Self might look like.
  • Why we should integrate the ego and the higher self, and
  • Why shouldn’t we expect the Higher Self to answer questions with immediate feedback.
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