Loren Weisman

Engaging your message through your brand is an art.  The ability for health coaches to get their specific message through to a variety of audiences is the key to working with clients who are committed to getting the results you wish them to have.

The mechanism to translate this is still such a difficult concept for me to grasp.  I know I’m not alone in the health coaching space and have had many health coaches express this same dilemma.  But if our messages become clearer and we are capable of relaying our message through our story, powerful results happen.

Another thing to realize is that our message comes through to people in a variety of ways.  Whether we realize it or not, what we are trying to communicate comes through to different audiences simultaneously.  The ability to allow that singular message to touch multiple audiences at the same time is where the magic happens.

We invite Loren Weisman to the show to discuss this key concept.  Loren is a Branding Strategist & Keynote Speaker who organizes, optimizes and implements individualized branding, marketing & content plans for start-up and established businesses.  He is also the host of iHeartRadio’s podcast called “Wait What Really OK”, an informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts.        

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why marketing is such a mystery.
  • How to create content to engage your three audiences simultaneously.
  • Whether having a ton of likes and followers matter at the end of the day.
  • What some of the best practices, tips, and approaches to advertising and marketing online, and
  • Why big followings don’t necessarily translate to sales.
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Thanks Loren for being on the show!