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Is it just me, or do you hate Valentine’s Day too?  Ok, I guess I’m not a fan of many of the “Hallmark Holidays” overall, but I kind of feel that we have a little bit of an anti-Valentine’s Day movement.  Maybe?  Or is this just wishful thinking?

Still, there has to be something to it.  Men and women alike are complaining about the expectations of the day.   I hear too many people complain that it’s too close to Christmas and too much focus on buying gifts.  I hear too many people saying that it’s just a reminder of what they don’t have in the relationship arena.  I hear too many people complain about the price gauging of flowers, dinners, and chocolates!

To get some clarity on this subject, we had to bring back Dr. David James.  Dr. James is coming back to bring back the focus on what Valentine’s Day should actually be about: love.

On today’s show we focused on discussing relationship patterns.  Specifically, how we get in relationships, why we stay in relationships that are unhealthy, and how we can actually attract the love we want in our lives.

Dr. James also touches on how he uses hypnotism to clear mental hurdles for sexual dysfunction issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  Dr. James even gets into female orgasmic disorder and mentions that he, a self-proclaimed 60 year old bald guy, has given countless orgasms to women without even touching them!

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Thanks Dr. James for being on the show again!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!