We’ve all heard the term health is wealth.  There isn’t a more valuable asset in the world.  But do the top investors in the world think the same way?  Would they agree with that philosophy?  Well, we invited a world renown investor to TWU radio to gain perspective on this idea along with getting a few strategies on how we can get some healthier pockets as well.  That investor is Joshua Belanger.

Joshua was once a struggling professional wrestler.  He struggled so much that he had to deliver pizzas.  He’s now one of the world’s top options trading specialist.  He’s been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Week, and is the author of the book, “Fearless Investing With Options”. He is also the founder of  OptionSIZZLE.com, where he publishes free daily investing and trading tips and teaches struggling self-directed investors how to add to their portfolio with trading options to reduce risk, create higher chances of success while generating better returns in any financial market environment.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How Josh become interested in investing.
  • Why it isn’t a smart thing to just hire someone to invest your money.
  • How Mutual Funds legally steal your money.
  •  Why there are so many fees and what is the one simple and easy trick that everyone can instantly save thousands in fee’s right now.
  • His prediction on whether we are headed for another economic downturn,
  • How and why he works out 6 times a week, and
  • His journey in health and wellness from a meat eater turned vegan then back to a meat eater.

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Thank you Josh for being on the show!