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Imagine a woman beautiful enough to be an exotic dancer.  Now imagine that same woman equally smart.  Not simply book smart.  Smart to the tune of  being a scientist smart.  Working with lasers smart.  What characteristics do you think this imagined woman would have?  Happy?  Confident?  Secure?  Proud?  Well rounded?  Perhaps even conceited?  In other words, when you meet this mystical woman, you’d figure that her self esteem would be through the roof!

Guess what?  Looks can be quite deceiving.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet this lady and was quite surprised by her story.  She actually had very low self esteem.  She constantly compared herself to others and was very insecure.  When I figured she had men knocking down her door and had great relationships with them, I found out that she picked the wrong ones and often felt alone.  I’d assumed that she would soak up every moment of these blessings, yet she drowned herself in various addictions.  What really struck home was she didn’t realize her self worth until she began to work on her image of herself.

The aforementioned lady is Susan Bremer O’Neill.  For fifteen years, Susan has empowered women worldwide to stop comparing themselves to others and to stop obsessing about appearance.  She is the founder of Self Appeal and author of From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal: One Woman’s Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self, a memoir of what she learned on her journey from scientist to exotic dancer to successful business woman.

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Listen in as we discuss:

  • What she considers the single most important concept that improve relationships immediately.
  • Why focusing on how you look can actually makes you ugly.
  • Why you should never compare yourself to others.
  • What Self Appeal actually is, and
  • The role addiction played in her development.

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