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Getting in shape isn’t always pretty.  The journey of getting in shape is not linear.  It is littered with ups and downs just like all journeys in life.  Often we see people who we look up to as a finished product and we rarely see the hard work and struggles that they often experience.  Jay Scott, fellow podcaster and founder of iScienceFit, joins the show to help emphasize this fact during a time where many of us are about to start making our New Year’s Resolutions.

Jay is known to be as transparent as possible with everything he promotes and discusses online. Whatever he says, he truly believes!  Jay frequently discusses the fact that he has tried pretty much every diet out there and is candid about his battles with eating disorders including both anorexia and binge eating. He does this in order to pull back the curtain on all of the nutrition and exercise programs out there and show them for what they are, whether good or bad. He wishes to share his experiences, both his successes and his failures, in order to help us achieve our goals.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Jay’s take on New Year’s resolutions and the keys to why they work and why they don’t they work.
  • How to tackle the number one resolution: weight loss.
  • Jay’s typical day including what and when he eats and his workout routine.
  • Whether he has cheat days or cheat meals and how he handled the holidays.
  • How his approach with his fitness goals translate into success in his business goals.
  • How he went from his parents basement at the age of 30 to the most successful in home personal training business in Lexington KY by the time he was 32.

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Thank you Jay for being on the show!