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It’s funny how things work.  I’m so blessed to consistently have my time slots for the radio show booked out for 4 months in advance.  That being said, how weird is it that in the last week and a half, despite randomly booking these shows in November of last year, I have had 3 guests who have had specific experiences with angelic beings who have transformed their lives in ways that they felt was unimaginable?  These type of coincidences require special attention and acknowledgement that the universe is really trying to tell us something.

Today we welcome Melissa Kitto to the show.  Melissa is the Angel Guidance Coach. She has been communicating directly with her angels since the age of 12 and has taught thousands of people worldwide how to establish a direct, two-way communication with their angels. She is a certified instructor and consultant with ALC – Spiritual development College for the past 18 years.

Melissa is also the co-author of the How to Communicate with your Angels, an e-book packed with practical tools for talking to angels directly.  Melissa’s extensive experience with combining intuitive messages with practical real-world achievement makes her one of the most sought after guides and coaches for angelic communication today.  She has lectured and presented workshops in over 7 countries worldwide.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What happened to her at the age of 12 that got her to consistently communicate with angels.
  • How the average person can gain comfort in the idea of communicating with angels.
  • How this communication actually takes place.
  • Whether or not it is frustrating being an angel when most people just don’t listen or acknowledge them.
  • What angels will do for you, and what they will not do for you.
  • How your angels help you find your life’s purpose, and
  • How we can tell the difference between our own mind and the messages of our angels.

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Thanks Melissa for being on the show!