I’ve always wondered if fat cells have a mind of their own?  They really are a stubborn bunch!  When we think our diet and our exercise regimen are running on all cylinders, certain fat cells just won’t go anywhere?  Why is that?  What do we have to do to make these renegade cells fall in line and do what they are told?

To get some clarification on this issue, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Lori Shemek, author of How to Fight FATflammation! Lori is also a leading researcher in fat cells and the owner of DLS Healthworks, a company she created to help men and women conquer their issues with weight and self-esteem.  Her work has been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal, Shape, Woman’s Day, The Rikki Lake Show, ABC, CNN, NPR, FOX News, and the Huffington Post, which recognized her as on of the nation’s top diet and nutrition experts.

Listen in as Lori shares a radical and revolutionary approach to losing weight, looking great, and achieving optimum health by simply restoring your body’s fat cells to their natural state.  Here are some of the questions that Lori sheds insight on:

– What is Fatflammation? What role does inflammation have in weight gain?

– You say that fat cells have a life of their own. Can you explain that? Is it true that you may not lose the number of fat cells, but you can get more fat cells?

– Talk about the concept of being simultaneously overweight and undernourished.

– Why is genetics a lame excuse when people use it for the reason they are overweight?

– What’s the deal with Omega 3 fats and how do they help you lose weight?

– Why is modern wheat so different from the wheat we ate just 40 years ago?

– Why is the label “gluten free” not necessarily a healthy option?

– You talk about mindset to melt fat. Why is it so important?

– Speaking about mindset and perspectives, can you please tell all the women in the audience that weight training is okay?

– Why is the scale such a bad tool when assessing your weight loss progress?

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Thank you Lori for being on the show!