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Sad story here.  In 2013, I just paid off my college student loans.  At that point, I hadn’t stepped foot on my college campus in nearly 16 years!  What was even scarier, I only went to that school for 2 years, before transferring and taking classes that I paid out of pocket to eventually complete my bachelors degree.  How ridiculous is that?

What’s scarier is that the situation is getting worse. According to the Center for Educational Statistics,  the average scholarship and grant aid per student at a private, nonprofit university is $17,040, so we aren’t getting a whole lot of assistance.  The average college tuition, room, and board per year at the same type of school happens to be more than twice times that number.  The estimated cost is $42,419 which adds up to $169,676 for a four-year degree.

Today’s guest offers a solution.  Kate Stephens is the author of College, Quicker: 24 Practical Ways to Save Money and Get Your Degree Faster.  She finished college in just two years,saved $60,000 and graduated with zero debt!  Her secret to achieving all of this?  She simply graduated from college in less time.

college quicker

Doesn’t sound easy, but Kate shares how this can be done by anyone!

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How she utilized college level coursework in high school.
  • How she came up with the concept of graduating early to save money.
  • How she didn’t miss out on any of the social components of college while graduating early.
  • The concept of a gap year.
  • Why picking a major quickly is so important to graduating early, and
  • Some of the fast track opportunities that allow for major credits that can be applied to your college of choice.

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Thank you Kate for being on the show!