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While preparing for my show with Dr. David James, I did a quick google search on “hypnosis and weight loss”.  To my surprise, I saw a ton of different sites offering hypnosis as a viable weight loss tool.  Apparently, you can be hypnotized to greater health!

Dr. David James joins the TWU Radio show to share how hypnosis is an excellent tool to help us improve our health and overall well being.  Dr. James is a hypnotherapist, author and public speaker and has been in the business of helping people connect with their best selves for over 30 years.

Dr. James’ bio is extensive.  He has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and graduate degrees in Theology and Spirituality. He is the author of three books on personal transformation and is an in-demand speaker and retreat leader. He has been a Professor of Psychology and Spirituality as well as an ordained minister.  He also was a Deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and retired from the Chino Police Department as a Sergeant; having worked in the patrol division, crime scene investigations, detectives and community relations.

He joins the show to discuss the many studies that now show how hypnosis can help people increase their wellness quotient and bring about a more effective and happy life.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What exactly hypnosis is and some of the common misconceptions.
  • How the subconscious mind can be changed in order to create healthy habits.
  • What the subconscious mind has to do with weight loss.
  • Why it is easier to quit smoking than to lose weight.
  • How long it actually takes to see tangible results through hypnosis.
  • His favorite thing to cure with hypnosis.

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Thank you Dr. James for being on the show!