Vitality Doc!

Vitality Doc!

Talk about an amazing story.  Dr. Marilyn Joyce was diagnosed with cancer, was 88 pounds in a wheelchair, sent home from the hospital, and told that she had 2 weeks to live.  That was close to 30 years ago.  Today, Dr. Joyce has come from that near death experience and is known worldwide as the Vitality Doctor!  What an inspirational turnaround!

Dr. Joyce is a Registered Dietitian, with a doctorate in Psychology and Nutrition. She approaches nutrition and lifestyle practices from both, a scientific, and a holistic, perspective. As the Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the mid-nineties, she helped cancer patients, from around the world, make major positive shifts in their health through changes in their eating and lifestyle habits.

Her newest book, INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy & Vitality, is a one-stop guide to whole person wellness.  This book is a compilation of her discoveries and solutions for getting and staying fit.  An accomplishment considering that she is well into her 60’s, runs several businesses, maintains a private healthcare practice, and travels constantly speaking to global audiences.

Book cover instant energy

Book cover instant energy

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How she made that miraculous turnaround.
  • Why toxins are so dangerous.
  • Why  inflammation is so dangerous.
  • Why stress is so bad.
  • How to eat for stress reduction.
  • How she beat cancer naturally.
  • Her stance of alcoholic, carbonated, and caffeinated beverages, and
  • Her opinion of why Hillary Clinton collapsed.

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