Gail Harris

There’s a lot of work that goes into having a podcast.  The process of getting a show out deals with finding a guest, scheduling an intro call, scheduling the date of the podcast, reading the book or familiarizing myself with the guest, and getting my questions in order for an awesome show.  After nearly two years, an interesting pattern has come up.  Clusters of topics have seem to come up at certain times.

Apparently, intuition and having faith in your higher self is the cluster topic of late.  I chalk it up to the universe’s way of telling my audience (and myself) that we need to start listening to the inner guidance system that we all have.  We all need to have faith in the reality that we are so powerful that we truly have all of the answers within us and we really do know what’s best for us.

Now many roads lead us to the understanding of this knowing.  Today’s guest Gail Harris has her own unique way of getting us connected to this gift.

Gail is an author and Intuition Coach who helps people make following their intuition a way of life so they can have the most fulfilling life by being the best expression of themselves. She was a finalist for an IPNE Book Award for the memoir Finding Zoe. Her book, Your Heart Knows the Answer is a bible for self-love by teaching you how to listen for and then trust your intuition.  The method from which Gail teaches and the core of her Intuition Training Program is called The Goodness Framework for Living. 

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What intuition is.
  • Why it is more important to be aware of it now more than ever.
  • What the Goodness Framework for Living is.
  • What the most important thing we have to know about our intuition is.
  • How people can begin listening to their intuition right now.
  • Why the term trusting your heart is not gender restrictive, and
  • Why it is so easy to have compassion for others, yet so difficult to have it for ourselves.

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Thanks Gail for being on the show!