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Brett Baughman Notable Quotes

“People call me a counselor, a therapist, an executive coach, a life coach, a business coach, and that’s all great. I’m like, I don’t care what you call me. I just want to help you. I want to get you through the doorway and help you start producing better results in your life so you’re inspired by what you’re doing, you’re excited to get up every day and do it, and you’re fulfilled by your work.”
Brett Baughman

“What people come to you for is two things. Number one, they want you to solve a problem and give them peace of mind. I can handle it. I got you. I got your back. I can do it. Number two, they need to trust you can do it. They have to trust you.”
Brett Baughman

“Make sure that your services are things you love to do and things you’re really good at doing. So after I made those mistakes, I quickly realized I got to make my services only things I’m really good at, things that I’m excited that somebody hires me for.”
Brett Baughman


Episode Summary

If a credible body acknowledges your work in a field with an award, then you’re probably doing something right. And when you get accolade after accolade recognizing your work, then you’re probably there right at the top of your field.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Brett Baughman, the award-winning life and business coach behind Breath House Retreats to walk us through how he attracts clients using the many tools in his toolkit, as well as the solid foundations of how to start becoming successful in our field.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Brett Baughman (01:08)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Building Podcasting Course! (02:00)
  • Brett Baughman & his origin story: who he is and what he does (03:18)
    • The biggest mistake people were making as consultants (06:35)
  • Naturally good with running businesses (08:41)
    • The most fundamental reason for his coaching success (09:14)
  • Stumbling into breathwork and meditation (12:32)
  • As a society, we’re over-breathers (15:32)
  • Tulum, Thailand, & Costa Rica: places with great energy (17:49)
  • Getting clients through using toolkits (19:33)
  • The two things people look for (21:59)
  • 3 Things behind Brett Baughman’s marketing (22:45)
  • Don’t create services that you don’t like doing (25:55)
  • Don’t go on the internet for general knowledge (29:17)
  • Fail forward & surrender to the process (30:28)
  • Learning where you need to grow (32:36)
  • Fear comes from lack of clarity (34:07)
  • Who Brett Baughman looks up to (35:30)
  • A day in the life of Brett Baughman (38:05)
  • Where to find and keep abreast of Brett Baughman and his work (44:00)


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