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Did you know that 33% of Americans have unhealthy livers?  Did you know that there is a drastic increase in non-alcoholic liver disease?  I was able to learn about these mind blowing issues when I had the pleasure of interviewing Brendan Gaughran on the TWU Podcast!

Brendan Gaughran is a smart guy.  I mean, a really smart guy.  Brendan holds a BS in Molecular Biology from the University of Connecticut and his MBA from Bentley University. Brendan has spent 15 years in the Healthcare field and was an executive for a major nutraceutical manufacturer before starting two supplement companies of his own, the latest being Liver Medic.

Brendan is also a gut guy.  But unlike most gut health proponents, Brendan has a real focus on the health of the liver.  The liver is the main point of detoxification for our bodies.  And with our lifestyles having drastically changed over the course of the past century, our livers have never been more important.  Our diets have changed tremendously.  Our exposure to chemicals has exponentially increased and antibiotics are used constantly.  It isn’t any wonder that Brendan and his colleagues are getting bombarded by patients who aren’t heavy drinkers, yet have liver issues that were once only common to alcoholics.

Listen to today’s show as we discuss how the effects of these lifestyle changes have taken a toll on our livers.  Brendan shares with us the detrimental impact GMO’s have on our intestinal health.  We also discuss how the increase in sugar consumption has contributed to the increase in leaky gut syndrome and metabolic syndrome.

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