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Passion is a popular term in today’s world.  It is commonly understood that once you find your passion, happiness is not far behind.

Speaking with Maura Sweeney, you can hear passion.  Maura is an author, podcaster, international speaker and HuffPost Blogger who guides people on the path of “Living Happy – Inside Out.”  Her energy and passion roars through as she shares her story of her own path to life purpose and happiness.  This journey started when she left law school mid-stream, a gutsy move that would later embody the many leaps of faith Maura has taken in her life.

Maura loves to shares stories to inspire others to find their way to influence, leadership, identity and life purpose.  She has traveled to over 50 countries around the globe searching for great people, great stories and good news to share.  What makes Maura even more amazing is that most of her many accomplishments happened on the other side of her 50th birthday!

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Her definition of wellness and why she should look at wellness holistically.
  • How she arrived at her role as an international speaker, podcaster and blogger.
  • Some of the highs and lows of traveling her path to wholeness.
  • Comfort zones and why they are so difficult to escape.
  • How she became a “natural” dancer after 4 years and 500 hours of practice.
  • Her perspective on personal branding and why it is important to be authentic.
  • Her first ever course on the Foundations of Happiness, why she created it and how it help others.

Maura also gave my listeners 2 amazing offers!

First, you can download her Favorite Happiness Quotes book for FREE by going to her site or clicking this link:
Second, a special offer for anyone who orders her Foundations of eCourse scheduled to be released early February. This 5-module course contains 20 videos, 11 audios, 7 articles and 3 stories and sells for $97. If the this course is purchased before April 15, Maura will provide a complimentary half-hour private consultation for free (a $100 value).  You will need to write her at with proof of purchase and indicate you learned of the course through my podcast!

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Thank you Maura for being on the show!